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The Conductors

"TRAIN-ROCK FOR TOTS." Sensory & Autism Approved. THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE meets John Lennon & Buddy Holly. "Every kid likes trains. Every kid LOVES the Conductors." A train load of memorable songs, gentle enough for kids with AUTISM, ADHD & Sensory Issues.

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The Conductors (AUTISM AWARE!)*

Respected singer-songwriter Joe Hutchinson, ("Smokestack Joe"), is a dedicated and proud parent of a child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (Autism).

He started The Conductors as a way to celebrate the joys of parenthood and to deliver a fun, positive message to families worldwide while raising support and awareness for the Autism community.

When Smokestack Joe of The Conductors exclaims, "ALL ABOARD," he means EVERYONE…

Kids and parents alike can expect a train-load of fun and catchy melodies as The Conductors deliver some of the COOLEST original children’s songs we’ve heard in a LONG time. They’ve also put that all-important new spin on the classics each of us grew up on, playfully delivering unique twists at every turn of the tracks!

Together with such cartoon-ish group members as Diesel Danny, Sophia Sunshine, and H.T. Backbeater, Smokestack Joe and The Conductors are a cartoon-style band come to life.

The Conductors are driven to simultaneously reach parents with something of musical substance while their kids are happily bouncing and singing along to a gondola of great songs that appeal to the very young and kids of every age. This is truly music the whole family can enjoy.

Believing in the magic of music to heal and bring people together for the greater good, Joe hopes The Conductors’ music will continue to inspire families for generations to come.


EVERY kid loves The Conductors, yet this music is especially appealing to kids on "The Spectrum" and those with Attention Deficit Disorders. The simple arrangements and sparse musical instrumentation are easy on the ears of the hyper-sensitive, and because of the subtle approach taken in recording these songs, they actually draw the listener in.

Because of the shortness of each song and over-all brevity of the CD, attention-challenged children find it easy to digest the whole CD in one listen, making for repeated plays and immediate sing-a-longs.

And finally, PARENTS, we predict that this will be the one kids CD that you will actually listen when the kids are NOT present!! After all, it was written and sung out of pure love by a real parent, just like you...


Snail Mail: The Conductors P. O. Box 2715 Toluca Lake, CA 91610

CD Cover Painting by Leslie D. Ragan used by permission

*Smokestack Joe is also known as HUTCH, and indie rock artist in his own right. He has released several CD's of original music with a Classic Rock influence. These CD's are also available through CD Baby at:

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